Andromeda Is Buggy, Quit Defending It

This game is absolutely disgusting for a AAA studio to put out, demand their consumer base should want to buy it and that they not look at it and not make comments like “This looks like a game from 2005!”. I am a firm believer in the general premise that graphics do not inherently make a video game good or bad, but this isn’t even the development team at Bioware going with a new art direction or aesthetic. This is them making something that looks legitimately worse than the original games, while wanting or trying to stick to the same art direction. This is half-assed, mediocre work from a studio that created one of the best original Sci-Fi IPs since Star Wars and Star Trek, yet they absolutely trashed it.

Have I bought the video game myself? Absolutely not, I will not spend $60 dollars on this game to play 50+ hours of trash. I am not even convinced that if Bioware themselves gave me this game for free that I would be inclined to play it. This game looks bad, the voice acting sounds bad and the story writing seems cringe worthy at best, written by high schoolers at worst.

Simply the best advice given the situation, my little white knight.

Oh, but the best part? Apparently, one of their lead character model animators is being harassed and plot twist: they happen to be a woman! So now anyone who dares to say anything negative about this mediocre looking game, that looks like it more belongs on the PS2, is met with accusations of sexism and misogyny: because God forbid the development team be held accountable for making something that is legitimately bad looking. Blame it on sexism and misogyny: “We are immune to the attacks because we have this defense on our side!” I’m sorry Bioware, when you called gamers homophobic for being upset with the piss poor ending of Mass Effect 3. you’ve lost your credibility. Anyone still defending your growingly petty, non-existent defense is being called out for the idiots that they are.

How bad is this game? You have games journalists, developers and critics, like Bob Chipman, defending it with some of the absolute most stupid arguments they can come up with. Now this is paraphrasing one such individual but here it is, eh hem: “You can combat harassment against game developers and studios by buying their game, even if it is a AAA game.” So now we have people saying: buy a game even if it is bad because we believe someone might be being harassed.

Sorry Bob, this is not an attempt at a new art direction like Windwaker was.

What did Bob Chipman do? He compares ME: A criticisms to The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker and the critical reception it received over its cell-shaded look. Sorry to inform you Bob, but Windwaker was whined about for taking on a new art style: Andromeda tried to mimic the existing art direction and simply did it worse in every way possible.

One scene in the game is literally so bad for the story and the voice acting, people who saw it thought it was an edit and so did I. I had to confirm with someone who I knew actually owned the game to give me an answer as to whether or not it was real before I was willing to call it out for the trash it is showing itself to be.
This tangent is all coming from a fan of the Mass Effect series, by the way. While not my absolute favorite games of all time, they are some of the most enthralling story lines I have ever had a chance to play through and experience. This shared sentiment is why so many people consider this game series the Star Trek of video games. It is something unique and special, which deserves to be given so much more then what we have ended up with when it comes to Andromeda. This is a devastating blow to the people who love this franchise and those who wanted it to succeed.

Instead however, we are probably going to be bombarded over the next few days if not weeks with article after article about how gamers are sexist, misogynist or racist trolls for calling this game mediocre: instead of recognizing it for exactly what it is. Because the person who was placed in charge of the character animation happened to be a woman, it makes it easy to deflect away from the real problems: giving these media outlets a few more clicks because they get another chance to call gamers evil for daring to call an actual bad looking game a bad looking game.

Signal beam activated, you may virtue when ready

If the goal for the video game industry is to recognize video games as a legitimate work of art, then we also need to stop pretending that when something looks legitimately bad that it is something we should give the same praise for when it can be compared to something breathtaking. Video games are a beautiful thing: they let people escape and enjoy something they otherwise might not have ever been able to experience. Bioware slacked on it’s character models, face animations and writing. Which I imagine will cause it to suffer a loss of many sales because of it. I certainly won’t buy it, because it looks, sounds and presents itself as a piece of trash.

If you yourself actually enjoy Mass Effect: Andromeda, all the more power to you! I wholeheartedly respect your difference of opinion on this issue. However I fail to see why this piece of garbage is supposed to impress enough people to buy it, especially on the new gen consoles, when it looks like it should have come out almost two decades ago.

Joshua Wiitala


Just a man who has been playing video games against doctors orders for nearly 30 years. The 80's was filled with idiots. Want to reach me? @JoshuaWiitala on Twitter.