40 Million People Have Downloaded Super Mario Run

The newly-relased Super Mario Run is a bit of a controversial game right now, given it is free mobile device download that then costs ten dollars to unlock the full game, yet is it technically less of a game then say something like Super Mario Bros. 3, which you can get on your 3DS right now for five dollars. Aside from the controversy over the quality of an endless runner at a ten dollar price, it still seems absolutely insane that this game has already exceeded 40 million downloads.

Even if we assume that only one percent of the total amount of people who downloaded this game then decided to get the full game, that is still a crazy level of revenue for Nintendo. Now, does this mean that Nintendo should not be criticized for the minimalist effort put into this particular game? Absolutely not, though it is worth recognizing their success so far.

Hopefully, the success of Super Mario Run will help guarantee more quality and depth in games like these going into the future, but only time will tell. Meanwhile, it is good to see Nintendo sticking their toes in the water with other non-Nindento platforms and enjoying this level of success: which could end up bringing a nice selection of high-quality games to the mobile gaming market.
We can only hope, in their next cell phone endeavor, that we will see either a cost decrease or a quality increase to justify retaining the price already set. I’m saying this because currently the cost seems kind of ridiculous for what the game has to offer, considering I could enjoy a playthrough of Super Mario Bros. 3 on my 3DS a lot more than I would enjoy Super Mario Run, for half the money.

Joshua Wiitala


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