Tales Of Berseria Western Release Censored?

Despite encouraging words from producer Yasuhiro Fukaya, believing the ideal option is to have the exact same content as the Japanese release for western audiences, it seems Tales Of Berseria will in fact have some level of censorship in it. Though it will not be the type of censorship western audiences have come to expect.

Initially Tales fans were concerned about a specific character named Velvet, who wears a rather skin-tight and revealing outfit, getting censored for her skimpy choice in attire. Considering the amount of censorship happening in gaming as of late: in regards to characters being deemed “too sexy for western audiences” this was, and is still, a valid concern to have. So for many, concerns of the game being censored were significantly reduced when this came to light.

While the words are in fact encouraging, the most ideal and best option isn’t exactly a promise the game will be completely uncensored: the only promise made was that Velvet is still going to be Velvet in the western version.
This leads us to suspect what has most likely been censored: in the Japanese version there is a scene where someone who appears to be a child is run through with a sword and lifted high above the ground, presumably dead. For the western release it appears instead the child will be attacked with what appears to be a spell of some sort, and most likely equal parts dead.

So why is this scene, as originally described above, going to be censored but the sexual nature of Velvet’s character design will not? Well, the simple answer is western censors have more issues with children and violence, even more so than they do with the amount of sexuality in a game. In fact, a notable example of censoring violence against children in video games before this would be how in Skyrim and Fallout, both games made by Bethesda, players are not able to kill children without the use of mods. This doesn’t make the censorship in it any less bad or more justifiable however, and it rightly should be protested.

Joshua Wiitala


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