World Of Warcraft Introduces Ex-Boyfriend Dummy

For those unfamiliar with the purpose of a dummy in “World of Warcraft”, it is an item primarily used to test the damage of your current character build with your various attack loops and macros. Essentially you are practicing to kill the ‘real thing’: that being NPC enemies in the game during raids, heroics, quests etc.

However, this new dummy item sports the the following flavor text in it’s description:

“Because stabbing the real thing is illegal.”

Quite a number of players are taking issue with this new item: calling it blatantly sexist, misandrist and asking it to be changed or removed. Domestic violence is not something that should be condoned, although the joke is somewhat funny if you get the cultural references. The phrase “I wish I could stab my ex.” or something similar is quite commonly said, at least in the US. It is usually used to convey frustrations or problems a person may have with their previous boyfriend, or girlfriend, and in some cases regarding husbands and wives.

This being said keeping it would also be somewhat hypocritical on Blizzard’s part since they have banned, changed or removed content before that was complained about as being sexist: such as a pose for the character Tracer from “Overwatch”. This specific piece of game content should probably remain, though perhaps an “Ex-Girlfriend Dummy” should be added in later on to balance things out. If for no other reason than this would be an excellent opportunity to take on a new stance regarding the removal of game assets, due to angry outbursts online over perceived objectionable content and just keep the item in for players who would enjoy having the option to interact with it.

For those who object to the dummy in question: you can be sure to find dummies to practice your DPS on in many of the major cities such as Ogrimmar or Stormwind. In the meantime we will just have to wait and see what Blizzard will do.

Joshua Wiitala


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