PS4 Pro Doesn’t Work on Some 4K TVs and Makes Games Run Worse

Sony’s newest cash grab console upgrade, the PS4 Pro, finally released this past Friday after months of rumors and speculation about the 4K gaming console. However, not everything seems to be super-charged, as some users are reporting issues with frame-rate and the system’s HDR mode.

In a report by Digital Foundry, they reported that while most games run better on PS4 Pro’s boosted hardware, this isn’t overall the case. For example, while The Last of Us Remastered consistently runs at 4K with a stable framerate in the locked 30 FPS mode, playing with an unlocked FPS causes the resolution to drop to about 1800p. Not only does the resolution drop, but the game is also prone to more common frame-rate drops than on PS4, and the frame drops it does experience are much larger.

By far the worst game effected by PS4 Pro is Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, which is in some cases dropping to less than 20 FPS in areas where it ran at a solid 30 FPS on regular PS4s.

This isn’t the only issue however, as Forbes is also reporting that the console simply does not recognize some 4K HDR TVs from major brands such as Samsung, LG, and even Sony itself. Because of this, many people who bought this new console for 4K gameplay are not getting it.

These two issues don’t seem to be causing too many issues, however, as MCV reports that the PS4 saw a 204% increase in sales following the launch of the PS4 Pro.

Matthew Sigler


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