Cameron Lee Former Bioware Lead “Save The Galaxy From Trump”

So the biggest mission in the “Mass Effect” series is to save the fictional universe from a real world presidential candidate. Really it’s just a “get out there and vote” message by Cameron Lee, though the former might have actually been quite interesting. Politicization of video games has been going strong for quite a number of years, and several political ideas and messages appear in a number of video games. This of course includes fighting against things like Nazis, which have a clear political story plot in many games, or at least has its roots in a political situation. However “Mass Effect”, while containing quite a lot of political messaging, does not seem to be about fighting against a political candidate taking office.

This brings up an interesting question: should game developers publicly express their political candidate preference for the upcoming elections and should it have an impact on them and their games? Of course the answer should be yes: they should be able to express their views, and no: it should not impact them or their games. Quality and fun should be the primary concerns of anyone shopping for a video game. Things could change of course if a video game starts containing political messages you don’t like, but it is important to separate the creator’s opinions from their work as much as possible.

This said, his opinion is a perfectly valid one to have. Luckily, we probably won’t suffer a galactic level trauma should Donald Trump win, considering our lack of readily available space travel and space colonies. Though, if he does manage to get us to the point where we colonize space in four years, we should probably vote for him on the basis of the additional resources we will gain easy access to. Any damage he could manage to cause us here on earth would likely be mitigated by the increase in commerce, goods, and resources we would gain via the newly acquired space colonies.

For those in America, my message to you is the same: get out there and vote. Let’s make the galaxy great again! Cheers Cameron Lee.

Joshua Wiitala


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