According To Its Opponents GamerGate Is About Journalistic Integrity

Recently Donald Trump was talking about journalistic integrity and how important it is to Americans, and how dishonest he finds journalists to be. Well, this prompted some twitter users who have a less than favorable view of GamerGate as a whole to claim that Donald Trump has gone “Full GamerGate”



Even Chris Kluwe, a very outspoken critic of GamerGate, seems to agree to some extent that journalistic integrity has a connection.


There are more examples out there to find: it is just interesting to see that a group who has been decried as sexist misogynists, a hate group and even so far as to be called “worse than Isis”, would have any of its opposition comparing them side by side with journalistic integrity. Especially to say that Donald Trump has now gone “Full GamerGate” after stating that journalistic integrity is important for America.

This is not the first time GamerGate has been compared side by side with Donald Trump. In fact every word in this sentence is a media example. So if you click on any word in the previous sentence, do so at the risk of losing a few brain cells. Mainstream media throughout this campaign season has in fact gone to tremendous lengths to paint nearly half of all Americans, specifically Republicans, as some form or another of the “mysterious and evil” GamerGate. That’s right, according to an unusually large percentage of so called journalists: if you are a Republican, you are GamerGate and they find you “deplorable”. Now this isn’t to say that right wing media outlets do not participate in similar labeling practices, because they do, but they seem to do so to a far lesser extent.

This is not an endorsement for Donald Trump, nor is this even to say that GamerGate and Donald Trump are in any way comparable to one another. GamerGate is largely apolitical, though some of its loudest and biggest voices are definitely Republicans and vocally endorse Donald Trump. The overall silence of Democrats that could be grouped as GamerGate supporters seem to stem from an overall distrust in Hillary Clinton, as opposed to being strictly against left-leaning politics.
This is, however, just one individual’s observation.

Joshua Wiitala


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