Head Of Toonami Looks Forward To Ruining Anime For Next 20 Years

Well, last night was certainly an interesting night to watch some twitter drama unfold on All Hallows’ Eve. With @Clarknova1, also known as Jason DeMarco the Head of Toonami, tweeting out his plan to ruin anime for weebs for the next 20 years over people trying to play “Shitlord Gatekeeper”. Since he is in the position of a literal “Gatekeeper” himself, it was interesting to watch it all unfold. Now, as a long time fan of Toonami, this seemed to me a rather odd thing for Jason to write. Who is he referring to exactly? Who has the capacity of playing “Gatekeeper” with anime outside of people in his precise position?

Well Jason goes on later in the evening to explain his position, after receiving hundreds of understandably angry tweets, that he meant people such as this individual saying such horrible things like “Airing Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure on Toonami was a mistake”

Now for anyone who has been on the internet for more than five years: “was a mistake” is an age old meme that is typically sarcastic in nature and is often used to mock a fanbase. People who use the “was a mistake” line either usually enjoys or likes the thing they are also mocking. Sometimes this is not the case though, such as with the recent tweet by a “disgruntled employee” for Hello Games but you’ll find people who say things like this are typically just trolling or mean it more humorously than implied.

Jason also later stated it was a joke and that he isn’t trying to ruin anime for anyone, he is just tired of anime fans who create a supposed hostile atmosphere for new fans, while also claiming anyone who is angry about his post is not someone who watches Toonami. Probably a slight error in thinking on his part. He also claims to be talking about people who attack and belittle “casuals” that are new to the fandom, something he claims to see every week. Now truth be told this does happen, but making such broad sweeping statements does not help things. It makes it worse because, and this may surprise some individuals: People who attack people over their preferred anime won’t stop because you call them out on their shit. People who don’t attack people for their preferred anime choices will think what you are saying is directed at them, and then you have yourself a bigger problem.

Realistically though @Clarknova1, the people primarily responding to you are your audience, myself included. They do want more quality shows on Toonami. You could even say they want to make Toonami great again! So try not to dismiss them and perhaps work on being more constructive with them in the future.

Joshua Wiitala


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