Final Fantasy XV has Multiplayer DLC, Because Money

I can’t believe it’s finally happening: In one month, Final Fantasy XV will finally be released. What I also can’t believe is that Square Enix is actually making a co-op mode for the game. While this sounds like a fun diversion, don’t expect it to actually be with the game. Instead, it (along with three other “episodes” of content) will be released DLC.

While the game’s DLC was announced earlier this year, Square Enix has finally elaborated on what these expansions are. In the twenty-five dollar season pass, players will get three episodes revolving around Noctis’ companions. The first episode will be about Gladiolus (and may release before Christmas, or three weeks after launch) and will soon be followed by episodes for Ignis and Prompto.

After all three expansions are released, a “Comrades” expansion will be released (which again, you must pay for) that includes a four-player online co-op mode, where you and your friends can play as the main characters of the game and go on missions.

Another surprising move is that the season pass will come with neither of the game’s special editions, including one that costs 270 dollars. (Sidenote: Yours truly has this complete waste of money pre-ordered. I am what’s wrong with society.)

All of these expansions will also be available separately, but no pricing has been announced for them. Like usual, however, expect it to cost far too much for the content you’re getting.

Final Fantasy XV releases November 29th for Xbox One and PS4.

Matthew Sigler


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