The Mary Sue is Mad that Red Dead Redemption 2’s Teaser Has No Females

Unless you’ve spent the last 24 hours in the wilderness (or the Wild West), you probably know that Rockstar Games has finally announced the long awaited follow-up to Red Dead Redemption, imaginatively titled… Red Dead Redemption 2. While most of the world is extremely excited to be playing a new Rockstar game, some people are asking the “important” question: Where are the women in my circa late 1800s/early 1900s game about a ton of criminals?

The first major outlet to bring this issue up is the bastion of journalism itself, The Mary Sue. In their article on the announcement, they ask:

All that aside: something that struck me about the game’s announcement art is that there aren’t any women present. Right up front, I realize that yes, this is just a bit of art attached to an announcement, and yes, there will be a full trailer coming later this week, and yes, even that won’t reveal everything in the final game. But since people view such art as simple teasers and previews, why were women left out? […] I reserve full judgement on the game of course, but if prevailing trends hold fast (as they so often do), then I probably shouldn’t be surprised if it’s more of the same. Still, it’s hard to imagine how and why they elected to not include any women here. It surely wasn’t a lack of stories regarding women outlaws, because there are plenty of those. […] Here’s a bit of fun food for thought: imagine a Red Dead Redemption-style game featuring these women (plus more women of color). I’m totally down for that.

Yes. Literally all we know about this game is that exists, and The Mary Sue is still finding a way to dust off their Anita goggles.

This article (of course) doesn’t recognize the fact that female outlaws in the Wild West weren’t exactly common. Even then, we don’t know if the game will have playable female characters. If it includes a multiplayer mode similar to Grand Theft Auto V (which it most likely will), then the game will actually have playable female characters that you can make yourself.

We’ll find out more about the game, with the first trailer releasing tomorrow and plenty of other teases coming before the game’s Fall 2017 release.

Matthew Sigler


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