The ADL Wants To Help Reclaim Pepe From “Racists”

After both the Hillary Clinton Campaign and the ADL were fooled by trolls and almost comedically racist websites into thinking the nearly 12-year-old creation was a symbol of racist hate by trolls and parody accounts looking for their 15 minutes of fame, The ADL has announced they are teaming up with Pepe creator Matt Furrie to help reclaim the frog to help it be seen as a “force for good.”

One of the first things the ADL should probably do to help in the campaign is to remove Pepe from the list of hate symbols in their hate database. The ADL’s continuation of keeping a cartoon frog in its database of hate symbols is likely hurting their reputation of being a respectable and necessary organization when you can easily find its “racist origins” come from parody accounts and trolls. Or perhaps the ADL would like to add Pikachu to their list of racist hate symbols and see how well that flies with Nintendo?

Nintendo Would Undoubtedly Be Thrilled With The ADL Declaring Their Beloved Icon A Hate Symbol

Plain and simple what the ADL has done is extremely harmful and, as long as they are seen as a credible and reliable source, will continue to be potentially devastating for future content creators if they are willing to associate a creator’s name side by side with their now tarnished creations as racist hate symbols. If all it takes is a several months long troll campaign to become immortalized by the mainstream media and the ADL you can bet we will see repeat incidents of trolls trying to do this in the future. One of the best ways this can be prevented is by not adding images to the hate database when the origin of “hate” does not come from hate crimes, but rather a bunch of trolls on the internet looking for a new way to get under people’s skin.

Joshua Wiitala


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