Candid CEO Threatens Critics With Legal Action

(Editor’s note: Bindu Reddy had previously agreed to do an interview with Gamertics News Intern Matthew Sigler, though went completely silent after being given our questions.)

Candid is a mobile phone application that boasts its desire to provide anonymity and free speech, but there are many reasons to have some concerns about how it works and how well it endorses free speech. Immediately when you first try to use it you have to sign up via Facebook or your phone number which is a little concerning when it comes to anonymity. For those who link their Facebook, knowingly or unknowingly, they are opening themselves up to a lot of potential data mining: Even though Bindu Reddy, current CEO of Candid and MyLikes, claims that they do not do that.

Now briefly there is a potential conflict of interest that needs to be gotten out of the way here: Almost all the people involved in promoting the Candid app, or who are criticizing it, including the people who are potentially under legal threat according to Candid’s CEO, are all people that I either happen to personally like or read and watch the content they produce.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at this: Candid CEO Bindu readily claims that there were blatant false allegations made towards its Candid app and that it constitutes libel in both US and UK law and that they are seeking legal options for these alleged lies. She would later state that they are not going after anyone at this current time. This information comes from @JohnnyFoxRox who did a Youtube live stream reading the conversation he had with Bindu in twitter DMs which you can watch in full here.

Most of Candid’s critics have not lied and they are not wrong to be skeptical. The app has its fair share of problems as well: specifically with its censoring of posts it seems quite selective in nature and the actual level of anonymity is somewhat suspect. It also does not help that Spencer Janyk, the product manager, has some less than anonymous views when it comes to understanding the desire of others wanting to remain anonymous when stating certain opinions publicly.
Such views and comments seem off for people who put themselves forward as defenders of free speech and anonymity. Right now the people criticizing Candid are under supposed legal threat. If promoting anonymity and free speech is Candid’s goal, the product manager and CEO are making some rather poor judgement calls.

Joshua Wiitala


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