Devin Faraci Steps Down As Editor In Chief Of Birth.Movies.Death

Following accusations of sexual assault Devin Faraci has stepped down from his position as Editor in Cheif of the popular website Birth.Movies.Death.

He has been an outspoken critic of gaming and gaming culture for quite some time now, saying some less than kind things in regards to gamers, especially during the course of the GamerGate controversy where he made comments comparing Isis to those involved in GamerGate who desired more fair and ethical games journalism. Does that mean he should have stepped down from his position? People are going to have varying opinions on this, but from the words of his accusers, it does not seem the intent was meant to hurt him or his career.

As stated by Variety, Devin wants to spend the next few weeks improving himself in hopes to become worthy again of the trust and loyalty of his friends and readers. It is admirable that he is taking this as seriously as he is. One of his accusers, whom I have talked to at great length, has stated that it sounds like Faraci is going to go to rehab due to some of his problems with alcohol. Something which she, the accuser, believes is a really good resolution.

From what can be gleaned off of tweets Devin’s friends have made, he often drinks to the point of blacking out which allegedly lead to a multitude of problems for him in the past. An article written by The Mary Sue suggested that sexually assaulting women is either common place for him, or that he is lying about not remembering having stuck his hand down a woman’s pants. This is a malicious accusation and undermines that while what he is alleged to have done is inexcusable, that does not necessarily make Devin inherently some sexual deviant monster or a liar.
People who drink to the point of being black out drunk have a problem and no, that does not excuse bad actions, but that does not mean what he allegedly did is a common place thing for him to do to other people. Nor does it mean he is lying.

Hopefully, he will come back from this a better person and make amends for his past, but time will tell.

Joshua Wiitala


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