Samsung Discontinues the Galaxy Note 7 Because It’s Too Lit

Bad news, fans of over expensive bloatware filled Android devices: Samsung has officially discontinued the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 less than two months after release because multiple devices caught fire, even after being replaced.

Ever since the device’s August launch, owners have been reporting that the phablet has been smoking, catching on fire, and in some cases even exploding because of the device’s battery. By the time Samsung finally reacted by placing their first recall, their plan for replacing and refunding the devices would have cost the company one billion dollars.

In the last week, however, reports began to surface that even repaired and replaced Note 7s were catching fire, with one causing a Southwest Airlines flight to be evacuated.

Deciding to cut their losses, Samsung has officially announced that all Note 7s are being recalled and that the device’s production has been halted permanently.

The controversy has caused the South Korean tech giant’s stock to fall eight percent and may end up costing the company at least 17 billion dollars.

Matthew Sigler


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