Devin Faraci Accused Of Sexual Assault On Twitter

Devin Faraci, a long time critic of gaming and gaming culture, went on a tirade recently about Donald Trump and his less than polite discussion of women in general, but was interrupted by accusations made by two women. One accused him of essentially performing an act which can be described as “finger banging” in public, while the other accused him of groping her breasts.

From what has been said by these two individuals accusing Faraci of sexual assault, it seems this was brought up by them being angry at the hypocrisy of it all. I attempted to reach out to all three of the involved parties to confirm events that occurred on those nights, along with what had transpired leading up to the incidents. I managed to only talk to one of them: the woman who was “finger banged”.

I have left out the names of both women involved out of respect for their privacy.

In the instance of the woman who was allegedly “grabbed by the pussy”, she was formerly friends with Faraci, and both of them had been drinking that night. Being that it was twelve years ago, she has lost contact with people that would have been witnesses to the event. She had only found out years later that he had been bragging to people about it who were in the room at that time. When he was confronted by her, his claim was that he could not remember.

Although I did reach out to the other woman who was groped, I did not receive any response. Her allegations are that he was quite drunk when he committed the act and when she asked him to stop, she alleges he had said in response “But that’s what they’re for.”

@TimAlamo of @Drafthouse, whom Faraci works for, stated in a now deleted tweet that they have taken Faraci offline until they can sort through this. If anything this suggests that the matter is being taken seriously.

Joshua Wiitala


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