Insert Clickbait: FF15 Not Having Women Is Good

Final Fantasy 15 has drawn some complaints over the course of its development because of its lack of female playable characters in its “Dudebro” setting. I too am disappointed by the lack of female characters being a part of the party, seeing as characters like Terra from Final Fantasy 6 and Rydia from Final Fantasy 4 are among some of my favorite video game characters of all time. I am not going to lie, the story revolves around male bonding and ladies we don’t act the same when you’re around.

Developers for Final Fantasy 15 have a specific storyline in mind where the male characters will be going on kind of a “Guys Night Out” scenario. Think Final Fantasy 10-2 but probably without the costume changes for different jobs. The plot is supposed to revolve around Noctis and his friends bonding while driving to another kingdom to marry his fiance, Luna. How would we accurately represent male bonding with women in a video game as we would in real life?

Road Trips Can Be Such Fun

One of the things that men commonly do when women are around is they drink less. A guys night out does not tend to be the same with the presence of women they know. A random woman they might meet at a bar might not change the overall mood of the male bonding experience at that particular time. However, when a woman is around that the men or at least one of the men happen to know it changes how they act around the other guys. It might be a little sexist but that’s simply something that occurs on the regular in real life scenarios.

We tend to change the subjects we talk about around women. Men, when they are around other men talk about different subjects in general. We won’t talk about the women we find attractive, and what traits and attributes of said woman we find attractive. We tend to avoid certain kinds of political discussions for fear it might be a tasteless subject around the presence of a woman, and we will be judged harshly for bringing it up. We tend to act less like assholes around one another in the presence of a woman, seriously, men will sometimes say some of the most asshole things to one another without a woman present. When a woman is around we change the subjects of discussion for fear of being judged.

Hey If It Looks Interesting Chances Are We’re Going To Go See It

We act differently around women. Drinking less can be considered one of the things under this concept, but I am also talking about in general. Men, when we’re just around the other guys, will do different things. We will take a different set of risks, like randomly on the open road we will want to drive faster than normal. Or we might be feeling a little more daring and take a car off-roading, where the ride is bumpier and there is inherently more risk. We might challenge one another, sometimes to something as simple as arm wrestling. Or in some extreme circumstances, we might challenge each other to a bit of wrestling or a fight all for good fun.

We go to different places when we are around women. There certainly won’t be any going to strip clubs when ladies are around, you can be sure of that as we don’t want to be seen as some uncouth monster. We will also change our choice of dining locale, and consequentially how we eat while we dine. That greasy burger joint that we love to go to probably won’t be on the list when you are with us.

Going To Be Honest Here I’ve Done This More Often Then I Care To Admit

Now this is just a handful of things that come to me off the top of my head that happens when women are around in a circumstance where it would otherwise be a guys night out. However, I can hear the counter argument now: “What if you’re just like one of the guys! Couldn’t that fit in this fictional storyline for Final Fantasy 15?”. Well as it turns out apparently we act differently in those scenarios as well, as a miss Lauren Vino from MTV states here.

Now does this mean a male bonding experience can’t be written with the presence of female characters? Of course not, it’s a work of fiction the chances of some ancient god awakening in a Final Fantasy game and suddenly having to save the world in this game is a very likely thing that is going to happen. Showing a proper male bonding experience while having main female characters present is a perfectly reasonable, perfectly plausible thing to write into a video game. One of two things will end up happening though to those who play the game if this scenario occurred, either men would feel as if certain scenarios seemed off, or women would feel that way.

Having A Good Time

In short, the developers want to more accurately represent the male bonding experience in their story throughout the course of the game. This is easier accomplished and represented in a guys night out type of situation. How well they will succeed I can’t really say for sure at this point but having women around the guys tend to change how the guys will act and behave in real world situations. Besides, nothing wrong with guys getting together and having a good time on their own now and again right?

Joshua Wiitala


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