Wikileaks Completely Fails to Deliver Anything for #OctoberSurprise

So the Wikileaks #OctoberSurprise was that they had literally nothing to show us today, basically wasting everyone’s time. They ended up doing a “10 Year Anniversary” stream to hock their books and other products, then took some Mine Con level questions, all while having one of the shittiest streams I have ever witnessed.

For a guy, who currently has cross-hairs on his forehead for some of the biggest political leaks spread online, and has an opportunity to remove the person who wanted to pull a drone strike on him, he is coming off like a sub par Billy Mays. He even went so far as to say, and I quote “I never said I was going to hurt Hillary[…]” even tho Julian Assange said “My next leak will ensure Hillary’s arrest.” Wikileaks has now stated that the “leaks” will be released over the next ten weeks or 70 days to keep it simple. That means that half of the leaks will happen after the US presidential election. I.E. they wont be worth anything as nothing could be done then.

I think after staying up all night to see this and report on it, I have the athority to make a new twitter hashtag. #FuckYouWikiLeaks for wasting our time.

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