Why Can’t Video Games Accept Sex For The Sake Of Sex?

So an article over on Playboy decided to condemn sex scenes in video games that were there for the sake of it, and there’s probably a joke somewhere in there about reading playboy for the articles as well. While this article is a few months old, the idea of attacking video games for having sex in them is quite constant. It’s an interesting concept that there seems to be such a staunch resistance for having sexual content in video games.

Let’s look at Hollywood and the porn industry in general for a moment: Sex is nearly everywhere in Hollywood and the porn industry is nearly as large as the video game industry, bringing in 97 billion dollars globally a year. If we look at books as a media of entertainment, one of the most highly praised books is about sex (50 Shades of Grey) and is almost universally praised. Yet we do not seem willing to let video games have sex just for the sake of sex. This just seems particularly odd that many of the people who make up the gaming industry seem to be stubborn about video games having sex in them.

Sophitia Is Looking Hot

Game developers and producers are afraid of putting sexual content in their games because they want to avoid the AO rating that typically comes with it. Critics and reviewers shout sex down because they view it as an assault on women and not worthy of being a part of the “current year” but really shouldn’t we be asking why? Why is it so wrong for a medium like video games to have sex in them, without the ridiculous double standards that movies and books don’t have to deal with? Sure you will find the occasional critic among those groups that will attack the idea of too much sex in a film or book, but generally speaking, you have a lot of people just covering these things like it was a normal news article.

When we have a video game that has sex in it, why are reviewers and critics so quick to jump on it as being inherently bad? People who are interested in these games are not blind to what content it is going to contain, luckily though there are more websites out there such as NicheGamer and LewdGamer that are offering fairer coverage to these sexy games for people interested in coverage on titles that titillate their fancy, but still we have to deal with the resistance to sex in video games. Even now we have the workings of outrage simmering over the recent Tokyo Game Show and a mannequin being groped excessively for the next wave of articles complaining about the horrors the game industry faces.

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Now admittedly the description of the “Muv-Luv” sex scenes in the Playboy article makes it sound like they were poorly executed and most likely detract from the overall gameplay experience, but then again is that really so bad? Should video game critics and reviewers really be focused on sex equals bad, as opposed to focusing on the experience the game is trying to deliver, whether that be sexual stimulation or otherwise? If the goal is to deliver an interactive sex experience shouldn’t it be treated with the same level of respect as movies, books and porn are generally given? Shouldn’t the focus be to cover the game, as opposed to attacking it for being what it is trying to be in the first place?

A lot of these “criticisms” likely stem from the archaic belief that video games are meant for kids and because of this should not have sex in them, because the general societal belief in America is that exposing children to sex is bad. We have politicians who attack violence and sex in video games: saying that kids should not be exposed to this type of content, even though we have the ESRB rating system in place to make sure people know what kind of product they are getting before they buy it. Also considering the retail price point of video games, kids are more likely to be exposed to risque content via the internet or television than they ever would be through video games.

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There is also the likelihood that these constant attacks on sex-filled video games come from the “progressive” ideas that having sex in games leads to harmful real world problems even though almost every study conducted proves any connections are either inconclusive or have no connection at all. This is not to say that these critics and reviewers are not entitled to their opinions, only that their opinions are not really helping the people who are otherwise interested in these kinds of games.

In a way, you could say video game culture needs to grow up. Critics and reviewers need to treat the medium, that so many of them claim to love, with similar levels of respect that movies and books broaching the same material are given by the vast majority. If a video game has sex in it, telling people the game is bad for having sex in it isn’t going to inform anyone. It’s going to make you look like you don’t know what you are talking about. Also: come on Playboy! Complaining that a video game seems to have sex in it for the sake of having sex in it, when your magazine practically built its empire on having naked girls in it for the sake of having naked girls? That level of hypocrisy is just ridiculous.

Joshua Wiitala


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