Gawker Finally Completely Dies, is Renamed to Gizmodo Media Group

We did it, Reddit! Gawker Media is finally, finally dead. After losing a lawsuit against Hulk Hogan and filing bankrupty, new owners Univision have been cleaning out all references to the gossip blog, starting by almost immediately closing down the flagship site, However, it seems that the Gawker name is finally, truly dead after Univision announced the appointment of Raju Narisetti as CEO of the Gizmodo Media Group. Gizmodo, the first spin-off site of Gawker, is also one the group’s most popular, which is most likely why the acquisition will use this name.

In the press release, Univision says:

Univision Communications, Inc. (UCI) today announced that digital media executive and veteran editor Raju Narisetti has been named Chief Executive Officer for Gizmodo Media Group (GMG), a unit within the company’s Fusion Media Group (FMG). As CEO, he will be responsible for managing all business and editorial operations for the Gizmodo Media Group, home to category-leading brands focused on technology (Gizmodo), car culture (Jalopnik), contemporary women’s interests (Jezebel), sports (Deadspin), lifestyle (Lifehacker), and gaming (Kotaku).

Looking through the press release, there are no references to Gawker at all. This is most likely because of the site being well known for its legal issues and leaks.

This news will probably come with celebration in many parts of the internet, as it seems almost every single community online had a bone to pick with the media conglomerate.

Matthew Sigler


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