YouTube Enables Tool “YouTube Heroes” To Help Silence Other YouTubers

Youtube seems to be making all of the right moves these days. Yesterday a new program called YouTube Heroes was announced which has some wonderful new ways for you to help make YouTube great again including but not limited to encouraging you to report “negative” content and mass flag videos you view as toxic to the YouTube community.

Editor’s Note: My PC sarcasm detector blew out my motherboard.

This kind of silencing tool is almost certainly going to be abused and will likely be used to hurt YouTube channels that have a strong anti-feminist sentiment as well as those who speak against social justice ideals. Not to mention all the Youtube Channels that have beef with each other. This is an absolutely lazy way of going about handling supposed problems on YouTube. On top of all this, it encourages larger YouTubers to bully smaller ones and allows users to lead mass flagging and reporting campaigns of videos over feeling and insults.

YouTube Heroes is just another nail in the coffin for bad ideas YouTube is implementing to seal their eventual demise as the company struggles to make a profit for Google, as it operates at a yearly loss. No good can come out of mass censoring people like this just because you disagree with their content or context. Plenty of Feminist and Black Lives Matter YouTubers produce negative content against men and white people in general and you likely won’t be seeing these reported and removed by YouTube. In part, because the majority of people who would take offense to these videos are usually not wanting to report them as offensive out of respect for them to be able to say what they want, and trust that their right of reply to those videos will be equally respected.

Really we can only hope YouTube will see how bad of an idea this is and will quickly change it so that such tools can not be abused against legitimate criticism of other people’s videos. Until then be careful with what you upload, and be sure to make some videos critiquing YouTube’s decision to push this program forward and hopefully make them take a step back. You can watch the full video below.

Joshua Wiitala


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