Daily Star Horribly Misquotes Wedbush Securities’ Michael Pachter in Effort to Slam PC Gamers


Daily Star released a 20 second ad 30 second cut sound bite that clearly states the joke in full, even with laughter in the background. He does however say “arrogant twits” Pachter stated he does not remember saying the British idiom stating, “It is not in the American idiom, and I don’t put on airs of being British.” Jokingly stating “I guess we will have to have a forensic analysis of the tape.”

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Let me first disclose; throughout my time within the gaming industry I have met Pachter a couple times and I have the utmost respect for him and the job that he does within the industry. I have also attended parties in which Pachter was involved.

From my experience he can be a bit of a jovial jokester when pressed, so when I saw that the headline “PC Gamers are ‘arrogant twits’ and ‘like racists’ claims Michael Pachter. Here’s why.” by The Daily Star, it set off all manner of red flags. First let me explain what the Daily Star is to before the PC Master Race gets their torches out. The Daily Star is quite the well known UK tabloid among the writers, complete with red header bar and white foreground as if to embrace cliché. Their record consists of:

  • A defamation lawsuit leading to an award of £500,000 over allegations of a high profile figures involvement with a prostitute.

  • Completely false claims on a front page story titled ”Dead Fans Robbed by Drunk Thugs”, that after the Hillsborough disaster in which 96 Liverpool F.C. fans were killed in a human crush, a sizable portion of the population of Liverpool stole from corpses and fought Police.

  • Another defamation lawsuit in which they lost, involving the parents of Madeleine McCann, a young women who went missing in 2007. Daily Star, Daily Express (a similar tabloid), and their Sunday equivalents posted over 100 stories implying that the parents were involved in the disappearance.

  • A story that Rockstar Games was planning on making a Grand Theft Auto game based on a then-recent shootings carried out by Raoul Moat, who murdered his ex-girlfriend, her then boyfriend, and a police officer. The audacity of this false story lead to the Daily Star paying “substantial” damages to Rockstar. Rockstar donated that money to charity. Just prior to this, the writer of that story, Jerry Lawton, took to his Facebook page, claiming he was “[…] baffled by the fury of adult gamers[…]” calling them “[…]grown (?!?) men who sit around all day playing computer games with one another[…]” adding “Think I’ll challenge them to a virtual reality duel….stab….I win!”

Knowing this we reached out to Michael Pachter to get the full gist of the conversation and to what context they were made in, if made at all;

“Mr Pachter, did you know about the Daily Star and how they operated before the interview?”

I had never heard of the Daily Star, and if the interview is the one I recall (live at the PlayStation event in New York a couple of weeks ago), I didn’t catch the name of the “reporter” or of his outlet.

“Were the comments in jest? Or a reference to the jokes and ideas of “PC Master Race”?”

I most certainly said that PS4 Pro would not likely appeal to PC Gamers, as the GPU was probably not up to the typical PC Gamer spec, and I am certain I said PC gamers were “insular”.

When pressed to explain “insular”, I believe that I elaborated by saying “like religion, race or politics, PC gamers tend to stick with people who are like minded”. I very likely said “like racists” when asked to elaborate further, but clearly was joking, however inappropriate.

Pachter would continue by saying:

Of one thing, I am certain: I have never used the word “twit” in my life. The reporter I am thinking of was British, and likely misunderstood something I said. I am sure I said PC gamers are arrogant, as are PS Fanboys and Xbots, for that matter.

Appreciate your reaching out. I’ve done thousands of interviews and hundreds of video blogs without revealing my true nature (kidding), and I don’t consider PC gamers to be “deplorable” as the article suggested.

I hope this helps clear up the confusion and anger created by The Daily Star. Gawker may be dead but its predecessors are very well and alive to continue the cycle of miss reporting, remember that next time you see a headline back by a cartoonish red and white background.

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