Youtube Threatens Youtuber Over Political Questions They Did Not Like

A French YouTuber by the name of Le Corps La Maison L’esprit Laetitia was given an opportunity recently to ask “any questions she desired” to Jean Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission which was intended to be like a similar version of President Obama’s questions from Youtubers some years ago. This then turned into a threats by Youtube towards her when the questions she asked were decided inappropriate. This is a blatant affront to journalism and spreading the truth of the matters at hand.

While we can not know for certain what Youtube is trying to pull at the moment in their foreign districts it is quite clear that they are not in the mood to give people the truth that is desire by so many. By threatening a Youtuber who was originally told she could ask any questions she desired towards Juncker, it is clear that people are not receiving the honest truth when Youtube is willing to deliver these threats. This can not happen in a society and a community that depends so much on this information. What Youtube did is a complete disgrace to the idea set forward in regards to journalism. This is a dangerous precedent that if tolerated will destabilize getting the truth out there on one of the worlds biggest platforms. Philip DeFranco beautifully describes this situation below.

Joshua Wiitala


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