Heat Street Feeds The Trolls

I originally covered how trolls tricked Hillary Clinton’s Campaign into calling Pepe a white supremacist hate symbol here, this in turn, earned the trolls national attention and coverage. In doing so, as is the nature of trolls, this brought out more trolls to perpetuate it seeing an uprise in antisemitic versions of Pepe. Heat Street in a surprising move chose to give the trolls a double dip in attention and declared Hillary Clinton’s Campaign was right in their assessment.

Congratulations go out to Louise Mensch for convincing her editor, that all people who use the frog are using a racist hate symbol. Here is the unfortunate truth and I know this will be difficult for some (Hillary Supporters) to comprehend, these trolls want attention. They are making the images deliberately appear as antisemitic as possible to get a rise out of you. They want you to condemn large swaths of people in massive over-generalizations associating negative connotations with them because it thrills them. It gives them their desired attention and you’re giving it to them for free.

A person or group can not make a worse mistake than what Heat Street just did. Apologizing to people who are still going to call you a racist, who are still going to call you a bigot, who will still call you part of a hate group all because of the words and goading of trolls that made you think you had to apologize in the first place. You fed the trolls Heat Street, and you apologized to Hillary Clinton’s Campaign in the process while gaining nothing. These people are most likely not antisemitic, they are trolling you so you can give them more national attention and coverage. You played right into their hands.

You can not win a culture war by being subservient to the trolls who will throw you off track and make you think you have made a mistake. If we are going to call a cartoon frog a symbol of white supremacy, what other symbols will we sacrifice next? Will you condemn the US flag next if it is used as a symbol of hate? How about the bald eagle? Do not feed the trolls.

Now we don’t know for sure that this isn’t just an anti-troll troll post on the part of Heat Street. If it is, well played, but the statements stand as to its effect.

Joshua Wiitala


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