How The EU Plans To Hurt The Internet

Linking you to an article like this is pretty typical of most news and gaming websites to help give you more context as to what is being discussed. Well, what the EU has recently ruled will make it so that linking to even potentially copywritten material is a violation of copyright. This would have a huge impact on youtube, news sites, and gaming sites making them potentially entirely unprofitable if they link to the websites they pull their information from.

So how does this potentially affect you here in the US? Well as it turns out the brilliant minds running our government have decided that they no longer want to have control over the internet starting as soon as the end of this month. Now there is a chance that they do not do this, but that still remains to be seen. If we do give up control here in the US, ridiculous laws like these that could end up being passed and end up impacting everyone. You can read more about this here.

Now the reality is there are ways to avoid this and work around these situations but those solutions hurt the readers and viewers of these various media sites. Being able to read the source material directly from the website or video you are getting your information from allows you to fact check the accuracy of the website or video you are viewing, and allows you to determine how trustworthy your news sources may or may not be. With these kinds of rulings potentially coming into play many media sites will simply have to go to the simplest solution. Link readers to nothing to avoid potential legal costs and fees. Laws like these don’t help anyone, they hurt everyone.

Which is why I ask you to consider signing this petition so that lawmakers in the EU can be helped to see how harmful laws like these are.

Joshua Wiitala


Just a man who has been playing video games against doctors orders for nearly 30 years. The 80's was filled with idiots. Want to reach me? @JoshuaWiitala on Twitter.