Washington Post’s Dana Milbank States That Over 60% of White People and Trump Supporters are Racist

In a move that shocks no one on the internet familiar with Washington Post and proving that they have no idea how to internet, Washington Post oked an Opinion piece by Dana Milbank that stated that:

  • One; Clinton’s ‘deplorables’ comment was a fact, and “If anything, when it comes to Trump’s racist support, she might have low-balled the number. “

  • Two; Over 60% of white people are, in fact, racists.

Those are some heavy accusations that he is calming is fact in his OPINION PEICE. Yes Dana Milbank is an opinion writer, a position that has been used to peddle slander as fact for the better part of 5 years now with the defense of “It is just my opinion.” Which does not really work when you go on CNN and state this opinion as a cold hard fact. Got news for Mr. Milbark, opinions are like ass holes, we all have them and they all stink unless you keep them clean.

So what is he using to claim his opinion is fact? American National Election Studies survey data from 2012. Yes you read that right, he is basing this opinion, that he stats as fact, to attack Trump and his supporters off a 2012 study, several years before Trump even began to run for office.

The study, which Milbank does not fully disclose, consisted of asking voters to rank blacks and whites by only looking at a photograph. The spread was from “hardworking to lazy and from intelligent to unintelligent.” as stated by Milbank.

The researchers found that 62 percent of white people gave black people a lower score in at least one of the attributes.

So when you look back at this dubious claim, it must be noted he gave no context to any of it. The study was of all voters, he does not list the data for white or black American voters, the data is from 2012, and using individual photos, which he never saw, to judge someone is a terrible way to determine bias which Milbank knows or he would have disclosed the actual process of the study.

It’s reporting like this and the use of an Opinion tag to negate responsibility that does extreme damage to everyone because it negates actual issues we have in the united states. This combined with being politically correct has caused so much damage to people’s ability to actually fix issues, such as:

These are issues that will only be fixed by being completely honest about them. This fire from the hip race baiting is making these conversations imposable. Let’s break down; 63.7% of the population is White, 12.2% of the population is Black, and 16.3% of the population is Hispanic or Latino. What Dana Milbank is implying is that 39.5% of the population of a country with a Black President, that was voted in for not one, but two terms is racist. That is insanity.

So why is this being posted on Gamertics you might be asking? Besides being posted on the internet it does not seem like something really technological or gaming related on the out set, but this is a growing problem with media in general. It exhibits the total lack of accountability that there is with Media. News media has turned into an arm of the political machine, where dogmatic ideologue have taken over to push agenda with little consequence on to themselves or their publication, with their “virtues” justifying the twisting and telling of half truths. The internet has made it all to easy too do this, as posts on sites like Washington Post spread like wild fire over social media.

If you have ever taken a psychology 101 class you can understand just how damning this is, as your brain tends to look at the first information it receives on a subject and unequivocally true, even if the information is proven to be completely false.

With the internet we need to remember to look at everything critically as there is little accountability, so we need to take accountability our selves. We need open conversations on all media without loud and obnoxious banter. And most important, we need to all think critically.

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