Hillary Clinton Campaign Attacks Pepe The Frog, Quotes Troll Parody Account

In a rather odd turn of events, the Hillary Clinton campaign has declared Pepe the Frog, a popular cartoon frog used in memes a white supremacist hate symbol. Meme’s in layman’s terms, are more or less reaction images to something someone says online. This character was created by Matt Furie originally as part of a comic called “Boy’s Club” which from there grew in popularity and became heavily used as a meme primarily among messageboard users in places such as 4chan and 8chan, as well as social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook.

So why is Pepe suddenly being declared a white supremacist hate symbol by the Hillary Clinton campaign? Well, you see this is where the story gets a little weird or interesting depending on your take on it. The Daily Beast interviewed a “white supremacist” by the twitter handle name @JaredTSwift.

In the interview, Mister Swift had some very enlightening things to say, such as there being a, “campaign to reclaim Pepe from normies.” Normies basically refer to people who don’t quite get how the internet works, though Swift refers to it as people who have, “no knowingly abhorrent political views or unsavory hobbies.” but this isn’t exactly the important part of the interview. This is the most important part right here;

“We basically mixed Pepe in with Nazi propaganda, etc. We built that association,” @JaredTSwift said.

This same wording appears on the Hillary Clinton campaign website and describes the person who said it as a, “prominent white supremacist”.

So right now Hillary Clinton’s campaign website has declared anyone using Pepe the frog as using a symbole of white supremacy. There just happens to be one tiny little problem. Both The Daily Beast and the Hillary Clinton campaign are being trolled. This is an archived copy of Swift’s account in case he gets suspended by twitter. Notice in the description section of the account it says in cap locks PARODY ACCOUNT.

If you read some of the tweets in the archive he refers to himself as, “just a snarky Marxist who’s good at staying in character.” On top of all that he even mentions that he is Jewish. Frankly this is just an elaborate troll who was able to get enough of a rise out of people and convince enough people as to the sincerity of his views, that he was able to inadvertently get the Hillary Clinton campaign to declare a popular, and widely used meme by thousands of individuals online as a white supremacist symbol of hate.

Really, the biggest travesty here is the failing of journalism sites like The Daily Beast, and Hillary Clinton’s campaign; both being willing to smear people using Pepe as potential “white supremacists propaganda” and using trolls as their source for those views.

Joshua Wiitala


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