Fainting Hillary Clinton Videos Taken Down By Youtube

Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton recently suffered from a health ‘episode’ which appeared to cause her to faint and stumble just before she was about to enter her vehicle which would have taken her to a 9/11 memorial. It was later discovered that this episode was probably at least in part caused by her recent diagnosis of pneumonia. Videos uploaded of the incident almost immediately went viral and sparked conversations across the internet with concern over Hillary Clinton’s health and further her ability to perform as president if her health continues to falter.

Strangely, it seems that someone has acquired the rights to several of the videos that caught the incident and has issued various takedown notices across Youtube, and other media sites, most notably against Paul Joseph Watson. Paul ended up having to buy a license to re-publish the video, at a not so insignificant expense on his part.

Although this was happening to multiple sites hosting the video including the Associated Press, whether or not this was an act of censorship to hide issues involving Hillary Clinton’s health, or simply an attempt to make money on a highly controversial topic has not yet been made clear. You can watch Paul’s video below.

Hillary Clinton’s relevance to gaming and gamers comes in the form of her attempted ‘Family Entertainment Protection Act’ or FEPA on November 29, 2005. While the attempted bill seems innocent enough at face value, imposing fines on retailers who sell mature-rated games to children who are not of suitable age for specific video game content. This bill also would have come with an added yearly independent analysis of the ESRB ratings of video games to ensure the ratings properly reflected the video game they were attached to. Effectively giving the government control over what rating a game had, as well as the ability to restrict sales. You can read the originally proposed bill here.

Joshua Wiitala


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