Local Paper Calls Ethan Ralph the Leader of an “Alt Right Movement” Called “GamerGate”

In a case of true meme magic, a London County, Virgina newspaper called local resident (and blogger) Ethan Ralph a leader of an “Alt-Right Movement” called “GamerGate”. The article itself says:

The leader of an “alt-right” movement was arrested Aug. 29 after he assaulted a deputy who woke him up while he slept in a lobby at Dulles International Airport. Ethan O. Ralph, 30, of Richmond, the leader of Gamergate, a group known for harassing women in the game industry, was charged with obstruction of justice and two counts of assault on law enforcement.

When the article was posted online, no one was buying it. Commenters said things such as:

Is that anything like the radical left wing Pokemon go movement? See how ridiculous it sounds?

Another commenter said:

Gamergate is alt-right? I’m not even sure I’d call it ‘right’. They seem bonded more by gender and age than political ideology. Though there’s probably some overlap with alt-right groups, I’m not sure I’d define it as such.

In case you weren’t aware, Ralph Retort creator Ethan Ralph was arrested about a week ago for public intoxication and assaulting a police officer. You can read more about it here.

Matthew Sigler


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