ADL Links People To A Ridiculous “Hitler Pikachu” Article

Trump’s Alt-Right Recruiting Kids With ‘Pokemon Go Nazi Challenge’. With an opening like this, how can you not click? Interestingly, the article opens referring only to the racist fringe of the alt-right, while the article later goes on to state;

Alt-righters generally fall into one of two categories: those who disguise their racism as “white nationalism” and don’t embrace the racist label in an effort to be taken seriously, and those—like Anglin and his followers—who wear their bigotry on their sleeves, as Vocativ has previously reported.

This effectively calls a majority of the alt-right racists.

There are several red flags throughout the article that might cause one to question the validity of the claims the article’s headline suggests. Andrew Anglin, the person who wrote the original article Vocativ is responding to, did not identify the individual who is allegedly handing out these fliers or where. More suspicious is the complete lack of any evidence. None of the media, law enforcement, or even experts who monitor groups like these have reported this activity as even happening. They even quote Marilyn Mayo a researcher at the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism as saying;

“This is another publicity stunt on the part of Anglin to gain media attention, we have not heard any reports of the flyer being circulated and Anglin doesn’t offer proof that the flyer was actually distributed. He just has a pdf and an image of the flyer on his site.”

That suggests something like this has happened before, and that this is likely just a bid for attention.

Really the Vocativ article reads like an excuse to attack Trump supporters as racist by going to a known neo-Nazi website to look for their angle. With a complete lack of evidence to suggest that any of these things have occurred or are going to occur, this looks more like a collaborative trolling effort, as opposed to a legitimate effort to recruit young people into neo-Nazi ranks using Pokemon Go.

Joshua Wiitala


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