Official ‘Hillary For America’ Campaign Promoter Endorses GamerGate Opponent Briana Wu

An official promotion team of US presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton endorsed an article written by failed game developer Briana Wu, which associated GamerGate with the alt-right, racism, bigotry and harassment. It is important to note her accusations, among with many others has been investigated by the FBI. Allegations of death threats as well as criminal harassment have been unsubstantiated and dismissed. Even the evidence collected by groups against GamerGate show an extremely small percentage of vaguely worded ‘negative tweets’ the evidence further shows that trolls have gotten away with at least temporarily falsely accusing GamerGate of things such as shootings with the group getting little more than a short apology from media outlets who were quick to falsely malign them.

This article continues, accusing the Alt-Right of using a “playbook” that has been used against Hillary Clinton for the past 30 years, which she describes as “politics of personal destruction.” This is an interesting description that she applies to tactics being used against Hillary when the far left has been using false accusations and political correctness to destroy people’s lives or threaten to destroy people’s lives for quite some time now.

Throughout the article, you are continually reminded that women face endless amounts of harassment online from these various groups with only GamerGate being called a “hate group” but her examples of this online hate and harassment are sketchy at best. Linking you to various insults over things that were said in response to something else online, then responding to anything said that was also controversial in nature as if it were real levels of harassment as opposed to strongly worded arguments by hundreds if not thousands of different people. Meanwhile, online abuse is something men are allegedly exposed to more frequently as noted by this study while simultaneously noting that men have a tendency to participate in more trolling and saying things that may cause offense.

Hillary Clinton has had a shaky relationship with gamers and game developers for over a decade. This began after the Columbine shooting incident on April 20, 1999, as many interest groups sought to use video games as a scapegoat. How this election season will go is really anyone’s guess, but most assuredly gamers should be paying attention to the events that transpire very closely.

Joshua Wiitala


Just a man who has been playing video games against doctors orders for nearly 30 years. The 80's was filled with idiots. Want to reach me? @JoshuaWiitala on Twitter.