If Games Journalism Isn’t The Problem, Is YouTube One?

This fascinating piece popped into my twitter feed today and I almost spat out my drink in surprise. While it’s true that Youtube has it’s own collection of issues both good and bad, to state that games journalism isn’t corrupt is borderline ludicrous. We have witnessed games journalists covering video games because they were friends with said game developers with games like “Gone Home”. While there are some who would go as far to say that maybe “Gone Home” get’s a bit too much of a bad rap you should probably check out the trailer for “Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare“. Games journalists seem compelled to give mediocre to bad games good coverage without any hint of objectivity.

This article tries to paint games journalists as a victim of false accusations throughout the years while people supposedly ignore Youtube’s own corruption. This could not be further from the truth. Youtuber TotalBiscuit whose real name is John Bain is one such individual who took the lid off of the “Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor” controversy. In fact, it is incentivized for Youtube to scrutinize it’s own as it garners hundreds of thousands of views doing so.

Painting Games Journalists as the victim will not help you. They are guilty of covering friends’ games without disclosing those relationships. They are guilty by nature of advertisements and giving games positive coverage when they are undeserving of such. The article itself talks about the “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” controversy of gambling, which was covered and heavily scrutinized by Youtube personalities with this particular video getting nearly 5.5 million views. Quite frankly this article is missing the entire point of why games journalists are getting the bad rap they have earned. When Youtube personalities mess up we hear about it. When games journalists mess up people have to search to find it. These two things are not comparable.

Joshua Wiitala


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