Leaked Crash Override Network Logs Reveal Inner Workings

One of the most common accusations made about GamerGate is that it is a hate group dedicated to targeted harassment, doxing, and cyber bullying. As it turns out, all of these accusations are more likely true about some of those who stand opposed to GamerGate, their lofty goal of putting an end to unethical and heavily biased video games journalism a goal that this writer supports wholly.

Ian Miles Cheong, a man who once stood opposed to GamerGate, has come forward to tell people that the chat logs detailing planned doxing and harassment of GamerGate supporters are in fact, real. As well as falsely accusing GamerGate supporters of things they never did knowingly simply to continue spreading a false narrative of harassment.

Now there are some people who might question the validity of these logs, and the honesty of Ian on the subject. These are valid concerns to have considering that false information can easily be put out there, but there are some things to remember here. It implicates him to say they are real. So admitting that they are in fact real, as opposed to staying silent about it or even denying it adds credibility to the validity of these logs.

Also, and having talked to him myself, you have to remember he is a games journalist. Confidentiality is an important thing in this kind of field, and even if it was to expose horrible people doing horrible things, they had put trust in him to keep these private discussions private. Also, he would not have had any chat logs to release himself anyway even if he had wanted to. Since as Ian put it:

I wouldn’t have any logs to release, in any case. They got all of us to delete everything.

Thanks to someone in their midst not playing by the group rules, many things that were unknown are now made certain. These are just some of the highlights.

Dan Olson, who goes by @FoldableHuman on twitter downloaded and transmitted what he believed was illegal pornography claiming 8chan knowingly hosted the illegal material. A member of the group by the name of @GameappMakerCo pointed out the following in the logs.

Calling 8chan a CP host is like calling twitter, facebook, or tumblr a CP host.
Anyone can make a page dedicated to posting non-nude jailbait.

Dan Olson was quick to dismiss it saying.

Why, yes, those are all excellent reasons to criticize the current status quo of our social infrastructure.

This would be the reason that all these sites contain REPORT features, so if one stumbles across something like this, it can be removed and reported to the necessary authorities. Apparently, people like Dan Olson were more concerned at the time with making GamerGate look bad than doing the right thing, Even though a member of his own group pointed out the absurdity of his accusation.

Randi Harper, a supposed anti-abuse specialist, regularly participated in the act of doxing GamerGate supporters and would then proceed to attempt to contact their bosses and lie about those supporters having harassed women. This group throughout the logs correctly states the insidious nature of doxing as it has the potential to send the entire internet after an individual in real life, and is quick to call Mike Cernovich a horrible human being for supposed acts of doxing. However, it is difficult to determine the sincerity of several members involved in the chat logs when they simultaneously planned to cause harm to people they had no evidence of harassment on. They did it simply because they had gotten a hold of their details and believed them to be harassers for simply supporting GamerGate.

Ryulong, a former wikipedia editor was shown to have an alleged close association with some members of this group. This lead to a point where they at least insinuated they could get him to change the wikipedia article on GamerGate for them if it contained something they disagreed with. There is some reason for uncertainty, however, since there was also discussion among them about “vandalizing” wikipedia articles and concerns of an IP address being exposed.

Israel Galvez, who attempted to dox a twitter user by the name Mombot (you can read our interview with her here) was allegedly stated to have no involvement with the Crash Override Network. The exposed chat logs suggest the opposite is true, and shows that Israel Galvez has a long history with everyone involved in CON. It is important to note that Israel Galvez justified his actions against Mombot because he believed she was one of the worst harassers in GamerGate despite no evidence to support that accusation.

Doxing Can Easily Be Used As A Form Of Harassment And Sometimes Leads To The Illegal Act Of Swatting

Zoe Quinn, whose initial ties to GamerGate came about because of a Journalist by the name of Nathan Grayson having given her positive coverage for her game Depression Quest while having an undisclosed friendship, Was also implicated in these chat logs as having deliberately sabotaged the Polaris Game Jam event in 2014.

Nathan Grayson covers several Indie Games heavily featuring Zoe Quinn’s Depression Quest 01/08/2014. It was around this time that they began a romantic relationship.

Nathan Grayson again covers an article with Zoe Quinn involved in the failed Palaris Game Jam on 3/31/2014. This article spends an abnormally large amount of time talking about Zoe Quinn when compared to the rest of the article, and even seems to partially promote her want to make her own game jam by letting her discuss that in the same article.

Fast forward several months later to 12/26/2014, the time of the leaked logs. Zoe Quinn admits in the logs to deliberately sabotaging and messing with the Polaris Game Jam. These implications based on the timeline are troubling, to say the least, but you’ll have to make your own conclusions.

You can read all of the leaked logs here in these archives.

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