An Interview With Mombot

In the saga that is GamerGate, many strange and odd things have occurred during its existence. From its explosion upon the release of several articles declaring the gamer identity “over” to its recent two-year anniversary you can almost be assured something is happening all the time. Gamertics recently had an interview with one of GamerGate’s more well-known supporters, Mombot, who recently exposed several prominent individuals who oppose GamerGate as supporters of a practice known as doxing, which involves revealing an individual’s private info to scare or harass them.

First thing’s first, can you explain what happened and what the DM group was?

@rudderhouse and I spent 4 months preparing real-looking social media accounts and pictures of a fake “me”, then rudderhouse slowly social engineered AGG Twitter kiddies one by one in private DMs. 24 hours ago, he called then all into a DM group. The rest, you can see for yourself in the chat log. These were all people that had pestered me on Twitter before. Dumb, gullible, mean. To be honest, all I had to do was act sufficiently “doxed” and feign panic when they thought they had a smoking gun—”my” photo and name—and tweeted it at me. That and I had to “fight” with rudderhouse occasionally on Twitter to build up his reputation as a credible mombot hater.

Can you name some of these people who you tricked into buying these dox?

The people in the chat were more than willing to believe the story we fed them through rudderhouse about me being a white, anime loving creep who posted milf hentai to his facebook (a tapestry we weaved with doctored screenshots). The screenshot of the chat users page that I tweeted lists users in chronological join-by order.

I wanted to ask you specifically about Iggy Galvez, an Amazon “Internet Abuse Specialist” who was a part of the chat.

The only ones that rudderhouse invited were @9volt88, @mmmyers, @HARDGAY_COP and @SolBirdguy. They quickly took the bait and started adding more of their friends to the chat. Izzy Galvez was added much later, but during the same 24 hours in which the group chat was active. rudderhouse approached him, saying that he had irrefutable proof of mombot’s identity and that we were trying to match images on his facebook to mombot’s Twitter. He quickly agreed to help, and later in the chat he even took credit for finding the smoking gun matching image which rudderhouse had intentionally planted in the fake Facebook page, despite the fact that rudderhouse actually had to find it for him. After that, rudderhouse went back to the group chat and said “Izzy has found something” in order to feed Izzy’s ego. One of the people in there invited him into the chat and started to congratulate him.

Were you surprised by his flip-flopping on doxing when it came to “the right target,” especially after he called it domestic terrorism?


Do you think this is a consistent factor among other “anti-harassment activists” such as the Crash Override Network and Randi Harper?

I don’t think that they are all equally bad people, nor are they all bad in the same ways. But most of them seem to have skeletons in their closet. I just wanted to play video games. In this case, I think Izzy just very badly wanted to be the hero.

What do you think of the current fallout? Do you think there may be even more repercussions?

At most, I hope that CON becomes discredited, because from what I have seen from the chat logs that were leaked to me, and the @UnseenPerfidity (Rob) incident, it was really just a gaggle of random people playing internet cop when a professional, impartially operated organization is what is needed. I do not hold any ill will against them, including the ones that attempted to dox me. It’s just the internet.

Can you explain the Rob incident real quick for readers who aren’t in the know?

Robert Marmolejo was one such volunteer, like Galvez, who was handling cases of “abuse” for Crash Override Network. It was recently found that he may have been a sex-pest to over 20 women, and may have used his resources as a CON volunteer to pursue these women–already targets of abuse. You can find proof on twitter of this statement.

Any specific reason you went for 9Volt, Myers, SolBirdguy, and Hard Gay Cop first for the DM group?

As I said before, of all of the people that have tried to troll GamerGate this far, my subjective appraisal of them was that they were the most gullible. Also, they were the most emotionally invested, because they disliked me already and would want to dox me very badly.

What are your opinions on anti-online harassment groups? Do you think one with a more impartial leadership would be a good idea?

I think that those groups would need to be very specific in what kinds of harassment they seek to protect people against. And they would need to be apolitical and impartial.

I wanted to ask you about the second anniversary of GamerGate. What are your thoughts?

I never expected things to go on for this long, and I never expected so much open animosity between gamers and the people who write about video games. And I never wanted it.

One last question. I wanted to ask about the Ubisoft worker who was found in the DM chat. I know you already went over how you did not have him added, but is it shocking to you that someone who works for such a large AAA Developer would do such a thing?

It was surprising to me that they would so callously engage in this activity using their real persona, but as to the question of whether they would do it or not—some people cope with their mid life crisis by buying sports cars. Others have affairs. Some others steal from stores for the thrill. This person trolls the internet. I have no desire to see him fired. Being himself—and everyone knowing—is punishment enough.

We thank mombot for taking the time to do an interview with us. If you want to follow her on twitter, you can do so here.

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