Thinktank Group Discusses Video Games At DNC

When the first wind came of video games being a topic of discussion at the National Democratic Convention there was some minor speculation by some as to how big a deal this would be or if it would be a part of the presidential campaign. Initially, the event appeared poised to be scheduled from 10:30am to 2:30pm EDT as seen here.

While watching the DNC convention floor and live coverage being done by CNN and NBC, the time rolled around to when the event would start and there was a distinct lack of anything going on. Thinking this extremely odd as a half hour had passed from the stated starting time and there was still nothing happening more research was done and it was discovered that this group was hosting the discussion. On top of this, it did not seem to be part of the main discussion, nor was there any indication that a live stream would be available by either NDN’s Youtube channel or HEVGA itself.

While the discussion on video games may not be part of the main floor at the DNC the fact it has been discussed on the premises is still a very big deal, and as soon as we get a hold of this events video game discussion we will bring you information as to what was discussed as soon as it is available. Until then what we do know, is that video games were discussed during the DNC.

HEVGA is a group dedicated to advancing recognition of the importance of video game design courses in colleges. Including promoting diversity in the industry, and focusing on game design classes and where potential students can go to learn. You can find their rather comprehensive reports here.

Joshua Wiitala


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