Nintendo Stocks Drop After People Realize They Didn’t Make Pokémon Go

After enjoying a huge explosion in stock market share value, Nintendo has finally started to see its sudden surge in value take some hits because of the discovery that Nintendo is not the actual developer of the game Pokemon Go, but rather a collaborative effort between The Pokemon Company and Niantic Labs.

It is speculated that the initial gains were driven by misguided investors believing it was a Nintendo developed product, and while the 18% loss suffered so far is a substantial hit, Nintendo believes the losses will not affect their bottom line substantially given its partial stock ownership in the correlating companies.

Given the success of the Pokemon IP in the mobile department, even if it is not a Nintendo made product, it does make it look promising for future mobile releases planned by Nintendo in the near future, especially when you consider that mobile games based on Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem will be releasing this fall. If either title is met with similar success when compared to Pokemon Go, we can probably expect to see a very bright future for Nintendo in the mobile gaming scene. Or at the very least, we might end up with some pretty fun games for our smartphones.

Joshua Wiitala


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