Korean Voice Actress Let Go From Role In Nexon Game Over Radical Feminist T-Shirt

Video game developers Nexon decided to remove the voice clips of Jayeon Kim from their upcoming release “Closers”. This was following a complaint made to the developers over a picture she posted of a t-shirt that states “Girls Do Not Need A Prince”. She was paid for her work, but her contract with the company was not renewed. Normally this would be a pretty cut and dry circumstance but claims she was let go for reasons of inequality and misogyny have been circling the internet.

A group called Megalia is responsible for the production of the shirt. While it promotes itself as a feminist group for equality, the list of things they are alleged to be responsible for and in some instances currently being sued for tends to lean more towards vitriolic hatred of men. Examples of some of the things they are alleged to have done are producing and spreading child pornography, filming the inside of men’s changing rooms/restrooms, falsely accusing a webtoon artist of rape, and poisoning their male bosses. Korean law permits lawsuits against people for many of the things they have done even if someone is anonymous.

Based on this information, it would seem people were upset because of who created the shirt, not the shirt or its message itself. This, however, has not stopped multiple accusations of misogyny and anti-feminism made by people across the internet. This includes some artists for a website called Lezshin Comics, where they referred to their fans roughly as “Slaves that bring them money”. This has prompted hundreds demanding refunds and lawsuits being filed, as well as people coming out in support of censorship laws for webtoons that they formerly opposed as retaliation.

Joshua Wiitala


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