Police Tase Florida Man Who Wouldn’t Stop Playing Pokemon Go

A Florida man caught an Electabuzz was tased yesterday after not complying with a police request to leave a park he was trespassing on.

At about 10:30 last night, Tampa police responded to reports at trespassing at Ballast Point Park. When they got there, they saw that about 150 people were trespassing the park to play Pokemon Go. When the police asked them to leave, everyone complied except for a man named David T. Mastrototaro-Baermude. After continuing to resist arrest, the police then tased him and took him into custody.

David T. Mastrototaro-Baermude is currently charged with Trespassing After Warning and Resisting Arrest.

This isn’t an isolated incident, however. In fact, these sort of events have happened very often since the game’s launch two weeks ago.

Matthew Sigler


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