767,000 Members of the No Fun Brigade Want To Ban Pokemon Go [Update: Story Was Faked]

[UPDATE: It’s seems as though this is a 100% fake story written by Associated Media Coverage, who have been now identified as fraudsters.]

Pokemon Go has become a national phenomenon, and not everyone is happy about that. In fact, The Association of American Families wants to ban the game, and they’ve received quite a lot of support for it. The group, which is most well known for their crusades for traditional morals, family values, and Christian Fundamentals, said this about the game:

“It’s our job to not only preserve the strong moral values that this great country was built upon, but to also keep its citizens safe and draw attention to areas of danger and distraction as they arise. In the past week this application has caused several automobile accidents, resulted in the stabbing of multiple children, and led 3 young women to a dead body – these young women do not deserve to spend the rest of their lives harboring the gruesome image that they unexpectedly stumbled upon. We understand that these tragic incidents are only a small preview into the window of pain and suffering that this seemingly innocent game will bring if allowed to remain active”

The petition, currently residing on their website, has over seven hundred and sixty thousand signatures. In fact, the site is currently down because of the traffic coming from the petition.

Since Pokemon Go launched earlier this month, all sorts of insane stories have developed involving the app. To catch up, check out our article on last week’s Pokemon Go related news.

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