Blizzard Is Suing Overwatch Cheat Creator Bossland For Copyright Infringement

Blizzard is suing Bossland for copyright infringement after they released a cheat for Overwatch. This is reminiscent of the actions taken last month, when Blizzard try to shut down the creation of Source Film Maker porn.

The tool gives you the ability to see other enemies and a radar. The cheat in question is also being sold, which gives Blizzard they foot hold they need to strike at Bossland in court. It doesn’t stop there, the same site is also offering cheat tools for other Blizzard games such as Diablo and World of Warcraft.

The document for the case reads:

Defendant Bossland GmbH (“Bossland”) and those working in concert with it have built a profitable business by creating, distributing, maintaining, and updating malicious software products that are specifically designed to enable their users to cheat at the Blizzard Games, at the expense of Blizzard and its legitimate customers.

The Buddy Bots and the Overwatch Cheat (collectively, the “Bossland
Hacks”) have caused, and are continuing to cause, massive and irreparable harm to Blizzard. Blizzard’s business depends upon its games being enjoyable and fair for players of all skill levels, and Blizzard expends an enormous amount of time and money to ensure that this is the case.

The Bossland Hacks destroy the integrity of the Blizzard Games, thereby alienating and frustrating legitimate players and diverting revenue from Blizzard to Defendants.

Bossland CEO, Zwetan Letschew talked with Torrent Freak about the suit stating:

There are over 10 ongoing legal battles in Germany already.

He would go on to talk about his 2011 encounter with Blizzard’s Deputy General Counsel Rod Rigole stating:

Now Blizzard wants to try it in the US too. One could ask himself, why now and not back in 2011. Why did Rod Rigole even bother to fly to Munich and drive with two other lawyers 380 km to Zwickau. Why not just sue us in the US five years ago?

While German Law protected the company last year in a similar suit with a Heroes of the Storm bot Bossland produced, the bot used the perameters of the game world, where this particular cheat in Overwatch is invasive to all players, creating a game destroying advantage.