Someone’s Pretending to Work for PC Gamer to Get Free Review Codes

While we all like free games, it seems like some people are going a bit too far in their search for them. According to multiple indie developers, some people are using a email account in an attempt to get review codes for some the post popular indie games right now, such as Rust and Enter the Gungeon. The issue was first raised by CFO of Devolver Digital, Fork Parker. In a tweet, he showed the fake account asking for “additional group coverage” of Enter the Gungeon, along with his response, saying:

Thanks for reaching out about Enter the Gungeon – excited to see our little game get more coverage in your publication and/or website! Below are two Steam keys for the game – hope you think it’s better than a 7.8! Thanks!



In a reply to the tweet, Craig Pearson, who is currently working on Rust, said he received a similar email from an account at the same domain asking for review codes. Like before, he didn’t fall for the scam.

Afterwards, PC Gamer’s Tiler Wilde tweeted out a warning to all developers, saying:

hey watch out for scammers using ‘’ email addresses.

While it could just be someone wanting free games, if the developer falls for it the codes could be sold on third-party key sites such as G2A.

While nothing else is known about the fake email at this time, more stories are sure to come out soon enough. If you yourself are a game developer, make sure you don’t fall into this trap in the future.

Matthew Sigler


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