Popular CS:GO Gambling Site Leaves the US After Being Named in Lawsuit

The era of the skin insanity may be soon coming to the end after a lawsuit lead popular CS:GO Skin Gambling service CS:GOWild to not allow any US residents use the service.

In a statement on their twitter, the site said:

Let’s talk about the US block and CS:GO, skins & gaming. To be clear — our block has nothing to do with any issues with the US or Valve directly. We did this on our own accord based on how we feel about the regulatory landscape with skins and the CS:GO community going forward. We hope that other gaming websites serving skins will follow suit and re-evaluate where they stand regarding local laws and regulations. We’ll have an alternative out for the US on our site very soon. US users cannot join or create games at this time, but you can deposit and withdraw from our store. As always, we’re just getting started – and things will only get more wild from here on out. Thanks for playing with us, we’re excited for you to see what comes next.

CS:GO Gambling has been coming under more and more fire because of the easy accessibility to these sites by minors. With more and more stories coming out of kids taking their parent’s credit cards to use on these sites, the situation is beginning to reach a boiling point after a class-action lawsuit was filed against Valve because of their inaction about these sites.

We will update you on CS:GOWild’s US alternative as more info arises.

Matthew Sigler


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