Norwegian Man Sentenced For Hate Speech

In a recent trial, a Norwegian man was sentenced for hate speech against minorities in Norway. He posted on Facebook against Muslims which was very controversial, and in this case also illegal.

His post sounded like this translated from Norwegian:

We as real Norwegians are lawless anyway, then maybe we have to start the hunt for traitors and Muslims and get it cleaned from the face of the earth. Because it’s going to be like this if the hypocritical politicians can’t get a clue and start to serve its own people without influences from Islam. Most Norwegians have not asked for that this country be filled with this kind of garbage which now holds the country back. This is a war which is worth dying for. We do this for our future kin to not feed these people that don’t belong in Norwegian culture. And these quislings that run it.[…] Vi have to adjust to these islamists here in our country, while they control their own things. It affects us norwegians greatly. Just you wait and see… You will also experience sooner or later. I have experienced the injustice with these new laws. I expect that this is only the beginning. The Islamists will never win over me. Whether it’s them or the socialists that are the servants of islam. The popular topics are all that matters. They will never gain my respect.

Under the law he broke, he was supposed to be fined about three thousand dollars. Because he didn’t accept the fine, the case went to trial. Over 433 people liked the post before it was taken down by the police.

The law they used to sentence this person was made to stop hate speech against religious minorities, such as Muslims and Jews. Even though he claimed that he didn’t know about the law and that what he said was freedom of speech, he still got sentenced. Under his punishment, he must not only pay the three thousand dollar fine, but also be put under house arrest for 21 days.