An Interview with Sakitoshi, Creator of the Tokyo Mirage Sessions Reincarnation Patch

As I previously reported on Gamertics, Tokyo Mirage Sessions was being censored for the west. However, when the game came out last week, some fans were already hard at work on a restoration patch. While it required the user to install homebrew on their Wii U, players who went through with it were given a game that was almost completely uncensored, minus the Hot Springs DLC that could not be added back in.

Yesterday, I was able to interview one of the creators of the patch, a GBATemp member by the name of Sakitoshi. We talked about the patch, the Nintendo Treehouse, and the future of Nintendo as a whole.

So, first, why did you want to make the patch?

I saw how Nintendo was handling the localization and didn’t like that it would end up being that censored.

What didn’t you like about it? Do you think it’s a problem with Atlus or Nintendo?

Most of the changes were things that I found were just stupid to change, like the censoring of the wedding dress, removal of pelvic bones, and covering cleavage on some outfits while others had plenty. Atlus was doing the developing but I think Nintendo told them what to censor.

Did the Fire Emblem Fates/Xenoblade Chronicles X Controversy spur you to make the decision to create the patch?

In part, yes. I’m not a fan of Fire Emblem or Xenoblade, but I didn’t like that trend of Nintendo cutting content on every western release they made.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions without the Patch, Censored for the West

What are your thoughts on how Nintendo is treating people who use homebrew on their systems?

I think they have certain degree of reason. After all, they inform you beforehand about what could happen if you modify your system. But I also think that people have the right to enjoy the content they pay for and if using homebrew is the only means to do it Nintendo leaves no options.

Are you familiar with Operation Torrential Downpour? Do you think it’s a good idea?

Yes, I’m familiar with it. Social media is getting stronger every day and so is the means to press them and make them realize that maybe they are aiming at the wrong audience with the changes they do in localization.

How difficult was the patch to do? Is there anything else you’re planning, or something you wish could add back into the game?

To say the truth, my part wasn’t as hard as what Sn0wCrack, KazukiMutou, and Shudouken [co-creators of the patch] did. But in general, it wasn’t as hard as we though it would be. It was more time consuming and kind of tedious than anything. But thanks to that, we could release it that fast. The patch is pretty much done from our point of view. Of course there are some minor things we need to iron out but we are quite satisfied. If anything we’d like to add in-battle subtitles but doesn’t seem very likely.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions with the Patch, Uncensored

What do you want from Nintendo, especially with the launch of the NX less than a year away?

This goes more to NoA than Nintendo in general but I’ll like it if they finally realize that gaming isn’t only for children anymore so they could stop toning down the content Treehouse localize. With the NX, I hope it brings Nintendo back up to the competition. Of course, I enjoy my PS4, but Nintendo does unique games and I’m sure it would hurt the industry if they disappeared.

Do you think these patches and boycotts will affect the Treehouse for the better?

I think that if they pay more attention to their fans they could improve their work, It has been shown that more and more developers are paying attention to the social media outcry, for example Microsoft with the DRM and backwards compatibility on the Xbox One, and more recently Ubisoft with Watch_Dogs 2. So I don’t see why NoA and the Treehouse can’t.

What are your thoughts on Tokyo Mirage Sessions as a whole?

I haven’t had much time to play it, but what I’ve seen at the moment is a very solid game that JRPG and Anime fans will like, I’ve enjoyed what little I have played until now. At the same time, I think that hardcore Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem fans won’t be very happy as isn’t as dark or serious as those sagas used to be.

The Patch also Restores Tsubasa’s Original Outfit

Finally, anything you want to say to the people that will read this?

I hope you enjoy the game as much we enjoyed creating this patch (it was fun making it after all) and playing it as the developers intended.

We would like to thank Sakitoshi for taking their time to talk to us. If you would like to download the patch for yourself, check the forum post on GBATemp here.

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