Video Game Key Re-seller G2A Announces Improvements

G2A a popular reseller of game keys has announced that they will allow developer studios and publishers to make money off of third party auctions. This announcement has come after harsh criticism by publishers stating that they do not receive any money from some of the keys as they are sometimes stolen.

However, publishers are only permitted to take up to a ten percent cut of the proceeds of these sales, and they must apply for it first. A much better deal than getting nothing to be sure. Also coming up with these changes is allowing developers to keep track of a key’s history using G2A’s database in an effort to help game makers find out where stolen keys might be coming from.

Furthermore, G2A has stated the intent to prioritize keys being sold directly by publishers over other third party options. Developers will reportedly also be given the ability to customize their pages to list their own products and promotions. They also intend to add a feature that will give gamers the ability to donate money to developers directly.

As stated in their Blog post:

“As a leader in the digital gaming marketplace, we recognize our responsibility to serve the greater good for the entire gaming industry. Recent events have demonstrated that we need to move faster to introduce new benefits designed with developers in mind, and invite them to play an even bigger role in creating the marketplace of the future.

All of these changes have come following accusations by an indie publisher TinyBuild who allegedly lost $450,000 because of the way G2A was formerly set up. TinyBuild alleged that a majority of their game keys sold on G2A’s website was the result of credit card fraud.

Hopefully, the changes made in G2A’s setup will result in these kinds of problems being prevented in the future.

Joshua Wiitala


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