Open Letter: I am Sick of These Lies People Spread About Our Sites & Others in Order to “Smite” #GamerGate

Warning: this is me being frank about the situation at hand. It might not be me at my most professional, but it needs to be said.

Recently, many people have alerted me to a series of tweets and people like this asshole that are going out of there way to slander our sister site as well as many other sites for one reason: they do their job, and they are not part of the ideology factory that is main stream games press. I can’t speak for everyone on the list, which is presented here, but a great many of these sites are lovely, and have a staff that span many different creeds and value diversity of opinion. Ship 2 Block 20 is also an example of this, as it has had female and male writers of multiple different back grounds and as a whole Dangerous Pixels as a group celebrates skill, enthusiasm, and team work over all else.

Now many tell me that I should just ignore these people, but when you are growing a brand and a site these things hurt you immensely. We live in an age where Search Engines can screw a site if there is enough negative in the internet pipeline to flood google search results. Luckily the majority of our industry connections have met me or someone on my team, and understand that we hold our professional contacts with the utmost respect, never opting to bring them into the bullshit that is the new found “counter” culture, which is something almost everyone I have a professional relationship with is sick of. This includes AAA PR and marketing to small indie devs that actually produce games.

In all honesty, these are the sounds of a dying whale carcass excreting miasma through its blue haired anus, but with that being said, it is no less damaging. We are at a weird turning point in our online and offline culture, and some companies and people are on the up and up about whats been happening for the last five years. They are now taking steps to make a course correction for the better, but that does not mean everyone is. They will need time, and in that time, a lot of damage can be done to other sites, and people just trying to do what they love.

All this for what? To attack people who are trying to be as honest with readers as they can? People who don’t care about whats between your legs? People who honestly respect their readers, and have not become so disenfranchised with the medium that they openly attack the readers they write for? I have yet to see any of these people be “misogynist, racist, and queerphobic” as these assholes like to slander us with. Speaking as someone who has a more diverse team than the majority of sacred cows who you champion (and they are cows), this pisses me off to no end. Because in reality, it trivializes those people, and their work and accomplishments.

The hashtag GamerGate was never about any of that. Race was never an issue, sexuality was never an issue, and even women in games was never the issue. When distilled, the issue was gangly hipster dudes in tech and gaming using their position to get their dick wet via arguably talent-less manic pixie girls who injected themselves into the industry via who they knew and dated. These people (the men and women involved) used the weakness of an industry that never grew up but suddenly found itself sitting on a bunch of money and power, to become the all encompassing gatekeepers of the industry choking the life out of anyone who dared to challenge their seat of power or ideology.

All of these people are so full of shit their eyes are brown. I have seen a writer for a major publication eagerly receive lap dance in a private party, then the next day go on to talk about how over-sexualized the industry is, and that is on the tame side of the shit I have seen since 2004. Now personally, If you want to do a line of blow off of the ass of an unnamed company’s “dancer” I am fine with that. Hell, when I was in my 20s I might have joined in. Sure, do all these things, but don’t you dare turn two faced the next day. Never forget that you would not even have the job you do, the one that allowed you to have fun, play games, and party, if it was not for your readers. Your readers should not be the go to punching bag because you feel bad about your own transgressions. This is such a common thing that I can no longer count it on two hands. Yet with all of this, these manipulative fuckers continually drive forward, virtue signaling barren conviction, preached by people that would have hanged by their own rules long ago.

For all of you who supported what we have done so far and will do in the future, I thank you. We are by no means perfect people, but we at least hold true to our principles and our Ethical Standards as outlined here.

Michael Jordan


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