Top Rated Female Overwatch Player, Geguri Accused of Cheating, Whoops Ass to Prove Innocence

A top ranked women in Overwatch by the name of Geguri was accused of cheating when she beat her opposition in the Nexus Cup qualifiers. She mains Zarya and has an eighty percent win ratio with a KDA of 6.31. Other Overwatch players reasoning for the accusation of cheating against her is due to her incredible accuracy in killing enemies in the game.

The reaction to being accused of cheating seems to have some discriminatory basis according to the website Inven, however, this stream promises to put to rest any accusations of cheating.

Geguri is a part of Team UW Artisan, the team manager who goes by the name Lime accordingly received several calls from Blizzard Korea confirming she was not using cheats or hacks. These calls were allegedly recorded and posted here as further proof of Geguri’s innocence.

Two pro players threatened to ragequit the game as professionals if she wasn’t cheating, and allegedly after Blizzard reported she had not been cheating they allegedly followed through with their promise. This appears to have been by a Team called Dizziness. Strobe being the name of one user who allegedly threatened to go to her house with a knife if she had been cheating and it caused a problem for them and their sponsors. Another accuser goes by the name ELTA.

All in all Team Dizziness was completely wrong in their accusations of her cheating. Everyone involved in accusing Geguri of cheating has also apologized including an Inven forum member who goes by the name Ping Ddak who apparently started it all. Team Dizziness has also allegedly completely disbanded, including users Racoon, the team manager. ELTA, and Strobe and have stated they will never compete in the Overwatch scene again.

Strobe the player who allegedly made the knife comment admitted as such here and has also apologized for not being able to control his anger, and also will stay true to his promise of leaving Overwatch.

Joshua Wiitala


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