Journalist Suspended from Twitter Twice in Two Days with No Explanation

In a continuing series of strange decisions made by Twitter, popular (and controversial) journalist Milo Yiannopoulos has had his account suspended on the website twice in two days, with no reasoning given by Twitter as to why.

While he is known for his trolling of progressive groups, his recent targets might have caused too much controversy and may have been the target of mass reporting.

The first suspension took place on Wednesday, and lead to a great outcry, with two tags trending worldwide in support of the journalist: #FreeMilo and #FreeNero. However, he was reinstated within the hour. While some users called foul because he had lost thousands of followers, this is a normal effect of being suspended from twitter.

However, the next day, Milo was suspended again, with (again) no reasoning. While he was restored even quicker than the time before, it still brought his follower count down temporarily.

Twitter has recently become embroiled in controversies involving the site and censorship. From censoring criticism of hashtags, following the EU’s controversial “hate speech” rules, hiring a former Chinese government employee, and the actions of CEO Jack Dorsey, the social network has had a rough few months.

Matthew Sigler


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