Twitter Locks Accounts for Criticizing #KillAllMen

Continuing the well documented issues with twitter, its users are criticizing the decision to lock the account of a user who was critical of the #KillAllMen hashtag.

User @DrEvilGamer made a tweet on April 20th talking about the “joke” hashtags #KillAllMen and #KillAllWhitePeople, which you can read below:

@H4gb4rdCeline it’s true. #Killallmen and #killallwhitepeople and #KillAllWhiteMen are ‘jokes’ until they’re taken seriously, then they’re not.

However, some time afterwards his account was locked. The only way he could regain access to the account is if he deleted the tweet above. He asked twitter directly, saying:

Tweet made by @DrEvilGamer questioning the decision

In the replies, users were mostly against the forced deletion of the tweets. For example, @KvalHdura said:

@DrEvilGamer I’d be OK with @twitter if it banned every other use of that hashtag, including by ideologues, but that won’t happen, right ?

It also turns out he was not the only one targeted. User @MahdDogg shared an image of him being asked to do the same thing:

Another user is targeted for using the tag

Twitter user Allan Harris also responded with two tweets, saying:

.@twitter @Support why can I see #KillAllWhiteMen in a search […]
But you chose to suspend @DrEvilGamer over it? Hint: if you try 2 lock my account 4 that tweet, I’ll be reporting you to the UN for facilitating hate speech

While Twitter did begin to enforce the EU’s new rules about “hate speech” on social media, this very obviously isn’t hate speech. If anything, it’s anti-hate speech. To be fair, we are talking about a company that just hired a former Chinese government official that was possibly behind the nation’s censorship. Can we even be shocked about this anymore?

Matthew Sigler


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