No, Persona 5’s Box Art Isn’t Being Censored

Today, Persona 5 finally received a release date in the west, along with a reveal of the game’s box art in the US. It’s the same as the Japanese box art, except for one major difference: The character Morgana was moved away from the bottom right corner, and towards the rest of the main cast. The thing is, this also moved the character in front of a female character’s chest.

After the news of censorship in Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, people were worried about this change being a form of censorship. However, according to ATLUS’ PR Manager John Hardin, this isn’t a form of censorship. In fact, it’s just because of that pesky ESRB logo. In two tweets, he said:

Was not expecting this, BUT. The changes to P5 boxart is because the ESRB and CERO placement/sizes are different. We didn’t want to hide Morgana’s face, so we adjusted the placement. Take the tinfoil hats off.

After this, however, twitter went back to its usual form by making memes out of it. Here are a few examples:

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@ZipperQR reacted, saying:

wait is the persona 5 box art thing NOT a meme? people are actually mad? i really need to end this day, good night

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User @ThatGuyBranch said:

North America is raging over censorship for the Persona 5 box art.
Europe just wants a release date

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Persona 5 will be shown next week at E3. If there is any actual censorship, we’ll know there.

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