Nominated Hugo Artist Kukuruyo, May Have Been Victim of Digital Jihad

A while back we presented a news story about the Nominated Hugo Artist Kukuruyo and their battle with the hordes of Social Justice, which end with him losing his ad revenue on his site. The stated reason people complained to Kukuruyo’s advertiser, Project Wonderful was Kukuruyo art featured underage characters.

In truth there was only one potential character that could have fit that claim, was the New Ms Marvel, who in the Marvel Comics, is 15 or 16 year old in high school, none of which Kukuruyo knew as he was commissioned to draw the character from a fan and drew her age appropriately. This is a common thing in fan art and commission, where artist change the age of said character to fit a more “adult interest” and is nothing unique by any account, you can just check the degeneracy of Deviant Art to confirm that. Side note, I did at the request of the source of said news story and I threw up a bit in my mouth. But there is something unique here in this case; the new Ms Marvel is a practicing Muslim, and this may be the real reason Kukuruyo received such heat for said commission.

Last night, Gamertics was tipped off to a different side of the story via our email by a self proclaimed member of the subreddit GamerGhazi who wished to remain anonymous out of fear of retaliation and doxing, which we then verified though account posts over the last 6 months and a Skype call with them logging into their account. The person in question told us they were contacted with several members of GamerGhazi as well as other individuals that they interacted with on Tumblr. The source stated:

Like how do I put this, I was only speaking out against what I thought was problematic. Not like I wanted them [Project Wonderful] to go after everybody. GamerGate did it fine, I don’t get it.

Referencing the actions of contacting individuals associated with the GamerGate hashtag on Twitter and subreddit forum Kotaku In Action or KIA for short, emailing Advertisers about the actions of company Gawker.

Over the last couple of weeks I kept hearing people celebrate crushing this some kind of Islamophobe who was drawing pictures of nude Islam[Sic Muslim] girls. I just like found out who Ms Marvel is and did not relate them like totally at all. I googled it and found your article[Original story posted on Gamertics, linked above]. But like this, like I’m being used.

This Skype conversation lasted for about 30 minutes, and was extremely eye opening to us both. The take away is that this person felt they were being used to back a religion that person is disturbed by. Siting the honor killings of women multiple times as well as child brides. They wanted to make it clear they would never support such a thing.

The messages the source shared with me via screen share are manipulative. With one person stating weeks before “Ewwww look at this child fucker […]” following up with “We got a to hurt this pedo, you want in[…]”, after being questioned about the Islamic comments as well as the issue with the character Ms Marvel being in high school by the source last week the same user would go on to say, “I don’t think there is anything wrong with it, but you don’t do that to a Muslim […]” and “[…] if it works it works[…]”.

At this point in time, I have seen enough from the source to really question the original motives of the attack on Kukuruyo. But this does account only for a fraction of email senders, and motives very from person to person. A degree of skepticism should be upheld in this instance and all instances of anonymous sources, but with that said it takes a brave person to admit they were wrong. We thank our source for reaching out to us.

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